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Women In Need understands that volunteers are the lifeline of any organization. Volunteers increase our capacity, as a non-profit organization, to have a greater impact within our services areas, increasing the number of clients we serve and the lives we save.

WIN values its volunteers and appreciates the time and talent volunteers give so generously. In fact, volunteers are some of our most valued assets, with a labor rate of $28.54 per volunteer hour, that can translate to over $12,000 per year if a volunteer donates 10 hours per week 45 weeks per year.

That number is crucial in the non-profit world where every dollar counts. It enables us to continue expanding our services and the number of clients served.

Volunteer Categories

Individual volunteer categories:
Group volunteer categories:

Volunteer Opportunities

WIN strives to make each volunteer’s experience meaningful while making a direct impact on our mission. Finding the right fit for our volunteers is equally important. Your unique talents will shine when you are matched to a role that utilizes your strengths and allows you to shine. Following are some of the areas in which we need volunteers

For more information, please contact our office at 903-455-4612.

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