Your safety is most important!

WIN’s legal advocates maintain offices in both Hunt County and Rockwall County. They can help you identify steps you may need to take to free you from domestic violence, while also providing support at individual and group levels. A protective order is one step you can take to escape domestic violence.


Protective orders by themselves cannot ensure your safety! You may need to consider moving yourself and family to a safe place.

Legal advocates help with obtaining protective orders, including accompanying you to court.

Things to remember after you have obtained a protective order:


BE ALERT and aware of your surroundings, the people and things happening around you.

VARY ROUTES of travel when you come and go from work

PARK SECURELY and in well-lit parking. ask if someone can escort you to your car after dark.

BE AWARE of vehicles following you. If you are followed, drive to a police station, fire department, or busy shopping center and sound the horn to attract attention.

ALERT MANAGERS or security at your place of business. Provide a picture or description of the abuser.

HAVE A SECURITY CHECK MADE by law enforcement of your home to ensure your home can be locked safely. Secure all doors and windows in both your home and vehicle.

MAINTAIN AN UNLISTED NUMBER. If Caller ID is available in your area, obtain the service for your phone.

DO NOT DISMISS ANY THREAT, written or verbal. Call the police or sheriff 's department and save any documentation.

MAINTAIN PRIVACY. Never give out personal information to anyone where the information can be overheard. Remove your phone number and social security number from as many items as possible.

DEVELOP ADDITIONAL SAFETY MEASURES for yourself and family members in case of emergency. Decide on a safe place to meet and someone to call if problems do arise.

Please Note: Legal advocates are not attorneys. We cannot give legal advice. Our services are intended to provide support to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking.

Please reach out to one of our legal advocates today. If you live in Hunt County, call 903-455-4612. If you live in Rockwall County, call 972-772-3000.

24-Hour Crisis Hotline/Shelter